Risk Intelligence

Risk Intelligence is an en-depth analysis of risks on your computer. Discover what hidden gems hackers are looking for, what they may get (credit card information, banking information, personal details, social security numbers,..), and what security vulnerabilities exist getting into the system. Know before they do.

We provide three different types of scans, each targeting a specific set of data from a specific view points. You choose the scans and frequency of the scans, we provide the reporting.

  • Security Scan is a comprehensive deep scan of the system's vulnerability, seeking ways that the computer can be compromised/accessed.
  • PCI Scan, or Payment Card Industry scan, is an complex scan that looks for payment processing compliance within computer, documents, or files connected to the computer
  • Data Breach Risk is the identification of found risks and estimated cost value, based on standards, if a breach were to occur and what that means.

  • Security Scans
  • PCI Scans
  • Data Breach Risk Scans
  • Reports are confidential

  • Advanced Device Management service on PC or Mac
  • Request to turn on Risk Intelligence options

  • Cost for the Advanced Device Management subscription
  • Optional: Support relating to assessment, security, and resolution of issues

Requesting this services

Simply send us an email (, or submit a ticket above, requesting this service. We can get this added to your existing subscription in a heartbeat. Please let us know if you have any questions, as others may have the same questions.

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