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MyITAssistant has teamed up with Solarwinds to provide you with Passportal, a secure password management service. Passportal allows users to securely create, store, manage and retrieve credential information as needed. Its simplicity allows users to use, store and create stronger more complex passwords. The management side of Passportal gives users the ability to organize passwords within folders. In addition, rotation schedules can be established ensure passwords are routinely changed - stronger cyber security practice.

Passportal is perfect for individuals, families, employees or businesses.

  • Individuals can establish and organize passwords just the way they need, and securely accessible across all user devices – Windows, Apple and Android. Google Chrome, Brave, Firefox and Edge browsers are all supported.
  • For families, each person retains their own passwords, or share access between family members. Perfect for sharing common online accounts.
  • For employees’ passwords can be provided to by the business, in addition to their own. Simplified use of passwords without needing to see passwords.
  • Businesses can maintain all passwords securely and enforcing companywide security measures. Passwords can be changed/updated anytime without employees knowing. When an employee or subcontractor leaves the business, passwords remain accessible by the company. Businesses can also establish local backups of Passportal on a Windows computers, as a fall back.

Passportal is a standalone component of MyITAssistant Cyber-Security Collection.


Passportal is a hyper cyber security vault – meaning it’s impossible to decrypt any stored information. How secure? All data is encrypted a minimum of 300 times using AES-256 security – this is considered military grade security.All inbound and outbound data communication traffic with the Passportal Cloud happens over TLS 1.2 using 2048-bit SHA256 SSL certificates to ensure the protection of your data in transit. The system is audited and tested by RAPID and monitored by a team of experts 24/7/365 for both performance and activity.

Passportal requires a minimum of 3 credentials to access account (user’s email address, user’s password, and a secret company phrase). The secret company phrase once create is permanent and cannot be changed. Passportal supports 2FA using Google Authenticator, for additional security.


The first user of each account is the administrator of that account. Administrators can customize the account specifically to their needs. Manage and setup additional users, manage permissions, security settings, organization and accessibility through a secure online portal. Other tools include imported/exported and reporting tools. MyITAssistant will provide administration support to ensure each account is setup as needed.


Passportal will be available as a service on August 26th, 2019.


Online Portal

Mobile App

Browser Plugin

Monthly Rate/User

1-5 users





6-15 users





16-50 users





51+ users





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