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MyITAssistant Passportal Documents is an extension to MyITAssistant Passportal, adding the ability to securely store and manage documentation within the same account. Passportal Documents is a powerful information storage vault that is only accessible through a web browser. Administration features allow account users to securely create, store, manage, share and retrieve documented information.

Passportal is perfect for individual, family, employees or businesses storing sensitive documentation or information that can be security shared and controlled.

  • Passportal Documents requires an active Passportal account.
  • Passportal Documents is a component of MyITAssistant Cyber Security Collection.

What information can be stored?

Anything that has importance or needs to be shared. We setup a few categories to get you started:

  • Articles, assets, domains, SSL certificates, Active Directory, applications, backup, custom docs, email, file sharing, Internet/WAN, LAN, printing, remote access, virtualization, voice/PBX, wireless, contacts, licensing, locations, vendors and files.
  • Keep track of purchases, warranty’s, agreements, settings, configurations… and more.
  • Customize your own documented information by creating templates to match your needs.


Passportal Documents is an extension of Passportal, a hyper cyber security vault – meaning it’s impossible to decrypt any stored information.How secure? All data is encrypted a minimum of 300 times using AES-256 security – this is considered military grade security.All inbound and outbound data communication traffic with the Passportal Cloud happens over TLS 1.2 using 2048-bit SHA256 SSL certificates to ensure the protection of your data in transit. The system is audited and tested by RAPID and monitored by a team of experts 24/7/365 for both performance and activity.


The Passportal administrator also manages Passportal Documents. Administrators can customize the account specifically to their needs. Manage and setup documents, manage permissions, security settings, organization and accessibility through a secure online portal. MyITAssistant will provide administration support to ensure each account is setup as needed.


Passportal Documents will be available on September 1st , 2019.


Online Portal

Accessible thru Browser Plugin


Monthly Rate




10GB* upgradable space available


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