Managing SPAM (Tip #1)

Managing SPAM

Current SPAM volume makes up of 56% of all global email traffic – that’s over 50 billion SPAM emails sent daily! So how do we manage the ones we receive? Here are a few tips to help you


  • NEVER click the link that says remove me from the list. This is purely an Internet protocol to avoid being identified at as SPAM. Actually clicking on this link confirms the email account is real and actively being used. JACKPOT!! Removed from one list and added to several others – or sold. End result more spam!

    1. Use Blacklists. If you are not familiar with them, ask. Identify the sender of the email and add it to your email accounts blacklist. This blocks the email from getting to you. Blacklists are managed from within your webmail.
    2. Use Junk Controls. If your email program supports Junk controls – mark it as Junk and it will go right to your trash, or spam, folder.
  • Use Email Aliases, or use multiple email accounts, to keep your email identity secret. This allows you to identify and separate email (family, business, friends, shopping,…). Use specific email addresses for different purposes. This gives you control to where your SPAM comes from and where it goes. Aliases offer advantages of hiding your real email address from everyone, and being disposable.
  • Clear your browsing history and cache. Lots of information gets stored and can be accessed. Clear this often to reduce what is being collected from you.
  • Use caution when clicking links in an email – unless you absolutely know it’s safe. Be aware that links can be altered to hide where they are actually going Here is an example that actually goes to Amazon but looks like it should go to Google.:

    Links hidden in this way can take you to a web page that collects information - email address, Take your mouse over the link and wait for the mouse to show the address its actually going to first before you click it. If it’s different AVOID it completely.

If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to me through our Support Center.

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